Notes from January

I'm kind of liking all these monthly wrap up posts I have been doing lately since November so I think I will be doing these, ooh, pretty much every month from now on. Granted though, this post will not be nearly as comprehensive as the previous posts, since I did a lot of traveling recently, which is not conducive at all to mindless internet browsing. So here it goes:
  • There's not just one but two extremely helpful study tips posts on the Art of Manliness (yes I am a teenage girl and I read a blog with such name but then again my own blog more or less explains why)
  • My dear blogger friends' responses to my tag: Hila, E'Clair, Katrina (in the comments), Jada...oh crap these are the only ones that I remember at the top of my head, but please dear friends let me know and I will be post ze links.
  • My dad just emailed me an article from the NYTimes on how the money from tourism is changing Cambodian's lives for the better (via higher education). I felt bad as tourist disrupting the lives of the local people just for the sake of my curiosity and sense of adventure, but I guess it wasn't all that bad in hindsight for the people. I teared up after reading this. 
  • I went to go see The Artist (2011) in the awkward festive days between Christmas and New Year's Eve, and it SO GOOD. Gahhhhh. Please go see this for the little romantic soul within us all. NOW. A fashion-in-film post will be posted for it hopefully this week. 
And that's about it for the month suppose! I was planning to start a #Menswear Monday feature however I guess I'll wait until February rolls along and start in a new month. I'll be introducing menswear style icon that will inspire might help inspire those who are stuck in a fashion rut (namely moi). Also I'm a realizing what a bad fashion blogger I have been in not talking about the Pitti trade shows and Spring 2012 Haute Couture shows + etc BUT all that shall change as I arranged time to get a few posts about them in before the craziness that is fashion week starts from mid-February to early March.

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