Resolutions for 2012

At first I thought about just writing them for myself and keeping it private, but hey why not disclose them as it gives a somewhat brief overview of what the blog will be like in the upcoming year. These are all blog-specific as the personal ones are a little too personal to share and also boring to boot, since it's the same "stop procrastinating" and "work out more" spiel every freaking year. I have read your comments from before and already have those in mind.
This year I aim to...
  • diversify content through different types of media, i.e. include drawings, videos
  • use more original images (will get to it once I have hands on my pretty shiny new camera)
  • go and take up on Cathy Horyn's challenge to go seek new original material
  • physically get up and out more to cover different topics
  • always try to write from different point of view 
  • learn to say no to companies looking for sponsored anything without seeing the actual product myself (I have been pretty good at this for the past year, but it never hurts to reinforce and reiterate it again)
  • leave more thoughtful comments on other people's blogs
  • stop whining publicly via Twitter
  • reply to comments and emails more promptly (instead of staring at them for hours or even days before I do, currently)
  • don't create filler posts (each post should have its own point)
  • be more consistent in the timing of each post
  • stop changing the template every now and then (focus on the content instead of the packaging!) 
  • take regular breaks from the blog and unplug from time to time should I need to (burnouts and minor mental breakdowns are no good to anybody)
  • learn how to properly utilize social media such as Twitter + Facebook
  • keep an open mind for anything
  • be proactive in approaching other bloggers, like for ex. guest posts
  • don't preach
  • take more care in proofreading each post (bad grammar kills!)
  • beware of the fine line between being critical and just plain harsh
  • be positive! (generally speaking, just not in fake saccharine way)
Maybe we could revisit these at the end of the year to see if I managed to keep them through for the entirety of the year. In the end, I know I will not be a "professional fashion blogger", but if I am going to do this, might as well try and do it well?  
This post was inspired by Little Chief Honeybee.

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