An Unexpected Source of Inspiration

I almost never heed any attention to what celebrities wear. Imagine my surprise when I find myself loving the more simple pieces Marilyn Monroe wears. She's always known to be *S*E*X*Y* and more of a celebrity for men rather than women, so I've always imagined her to be just tacky, gaudy and raunchy. In her more quiet moments however, she just looks so natural, elegant and comfortable that I can't help but admire the way she looks. Maybe I should go and catch the last of My Week with Marilyn in the theaters after all (the film was on my radar but again I wasn't interested in Marilyn). Now the black turtleneck and a good white shirt is high on my list of basics to want and get.

P.S. Hope you like the new layout site. I'm so incredibly fidgety with HTML and CSS that sometimes I wonder if I should consider a future career in Web Design. It's inspired by the Tumblr theme, 'Sleepover', and the Wordpress theme, 'Thesis'. The header image is from the Life magazine archives on Google. If you're reading this through the reader then head on and check it out ;) I'll try to restrain myself from changing it yet again until next year rolls around.

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