So I Died and Went to Basics Heaven

What did I do to deserve this? I've always paid attention to UNIQLO ever since they had a collaboration with Phillip Lim but I thought their merchandise in HK was rather mehhhhh at best. And now 1.5 years later back in HK, holy freakin' cow I lurve everything (almost). Even my dad, a self-proclaimed Muji fanboy, jumped onto the UNIQLO ship and has been raving about their inexpensive but well made clothing non-stop. I think someone must have read my mind, but I was looking for a replacement for my now ripped and thoroughly worn out J-Crew striped shirt of four years, and voilĂ  look at all the choices I have! I took this opportunity to replace some other wardrobe essentials that had served me well but now have to be retired because they're also similarly worn to death. I managed to grab two stripped shirts in navy and red and two pairs of skinnies in navy and black. It all sounds rather boring and drab but I'm excited since I just know that these will be major future workhorses of the wardrobe in the future :D I can go on and on about the label and its philosophy but perhaps it's best that people should read GQ's fabulous interview with its founder and CEO, Tadashi Yanai, for themselves since it's more insightful and in depth than whatever observations as a mere consumer with an internet connection can make. I can't wait to see just how this brand will grow, evolve and expand over the next few years.

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catssaymeow said...

Hi, my boyfriend is not interested in fashion but raves about UNIQLO. He tells me when he lived in Japan he shopped there exclusively. In fact he has one particular hoodie that is still going strong after so many years and he has a very minimal wardrobe. I wish we has this brand in Australia. That wall of striped tops is amazing!