Menswear Mondays ft. Jean-Paul Belmondo

Welcome to a new weekly feature on the blog to provide some much needed menswear inspiration, which will star not only traditional menswear icons but also some prominent tomboys of the past as well (see Exhibit A & B). I thought this would be a quick and easy post (you know after so much writing in the last post, but noooooo it took forever just to pick one out of the huge arsenal of menswear inspiration photos I built up over break. I kept wondering if I should I start with the the obvious or the more esoteric and I finally settled on this gorgeous image of Jean-Paul Belmondo, whom you should know if you love 60s Godard and all that shit. It's not like wearing layers under the coat is a major breakthrough in style or anything, but I haven't seen a corduroy button down under a cardigan under a tweed jacket under a herringbone coat before––have you or am I the only one who missed the memo here? Belmondo makes layering with different textures of fabrics look so easy and effortless. Check out his films too while you're at it.

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