The Best of Pitti Uomo and Milan Menswear Fall '12

Here's to more menswear love for this week before we plunge into NYFW for all things womenswear, and of course, more fashion shows at Milan, London and Paris later to last us all the way till early March. Admittedly I haven't been paying as much attention as I could have this season to Pitti Uomo due to much schoolwork. Then Milan Menswear Fall '12 came along and soon the two kinda meshed together in my brain but luckily I stumbled on this guide to help me sort which collection was at Florence or Milan. Though some of the shows were just absolutely fabulous, I have to admit much of the actions occurs outside the show on the streets than it is within the tents.  Thankfully there is the always trusty Tommy Ton––with his fabulous eye for detail––to capture it all for the folks who couldn't make it across the pond. In the past I tried to not pay too much attention to the street style (especially at Pitti) because some of the guys try SO HARD that just thinking about it makes me cringe a little. However with the introduction of the #menswear tag at Tumblr and being unable to avoid the street style photos any longer, I began to embrace them and look at them in a new light. Indeed this season was considerably less cringe-inducing and surprisingly chock-full of inspiration. I love the colour palette here and the way the accessories were incorporated into the outfit (can't beat a bag with a built in strap for the umbrella!). I cannot not mention the street style at Milan or Florence without at least taking note of the fabulous What They Wore videos episodes one and two made by Mr. Porter as well. I'll resist talking too much about my love for Mr. Porter for now since that will make for another post altogether, even though really my Mr. Porter love knows no bounds. 

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