A Quiet Sunday...and a Giveaway

I can't believe it snowed yesterday of all days! Thank god the snow didn't stick because I don't want a late winter chill no matter how pretty it could be and I need warmer weather stat (terribly jealous of all those lucky people who were hitting it mid 70s to low 80s ºF last week). The roommate moved out on amicable terms (she didn't like the house community and we actually bonded over our mutual dislike of certain people snerk snerk) so the room is feeling rather stark, but also wonderfully calm, quiet and zen. The song for today is from a popular Taiwanese film You are the Apple of My Eye that I have yet to watch, albeit already listening to the OST on repeat (I prefer the Chinese title, “那些年,我們一起追的女孩女孩”, which can be loosely translated to 'The Year when We All Chased the Same Girl'; it's strangely more poetic that way. While I'm on this tangent, there's also something super popular with Taiwanese origins, yes you've guessed it: Jeremy LINNNNNN.  Does anyone want Linsanity buttons to put on their site? I can make 'em). Lemme know if you know where I can watch it because I can't find it anywhere online and I hope there is an E-book version of novel the film is based on I can buy to read over Spring Break.

I want to take this opportunity to give thanks back to the blogging community. It's only right since everybody here has given me so much warm comforting words of wisdom over the past year, and are always there in times of confused existential quandary (to a lesser degree, this as well). I don't have any fancy gifts, but as a way of saying thank you, I am going to offer three bloggers a 'website makeover'! Even though my skills are incomparable to pros like Tabitha Emma and Door Sixteen, I know a decent amount of HTML/CSS and I do have Photoshop and a huge arsenal of fonts, curves, actions etc at my disposal. For old readers of the blog, all past layouts were tweaked by me from the default Blogger templates. It doesn't even have to be a complete makeover if you just want some sprucing up on your blog – maybe a new font, change the margins, a new button for your site, etc. Whatever you want, I'll try to do it and I'll let you know if it's beyond my means (i.e. fancy Javascript stuff) via e-mail. Sorry only Blogger hosted blogs for now.
To enter, simply:
  • leave a comment (if you're going to use Open ID, then please leave your e-mail as well)
  • make sure you follow the blog via RSS, Bloglovin', Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest just kidding you don't have to do anything
This will be open until next Friday, March 2nd 2012. I'll announce the "winners" that night.
Also, an update: Imageshack is being a b*tch and decided to delete any photos hosted there over their new 500 image premium unless you pay for a pro account. Argh. Anyway if you see any old posts with broken links, that will be why. Thank god all the photos from the past several months are hosted with Blogger however I don't think I will have the time to re-upload all the photos from Imageshack.

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