Spring Awakening

Guess who came by my part of Massachusetts this Wednesday? If you guessed Jada of Minestrone Soup for the Teenage Soul then you got it right! I've visited her in Boston a few times already so it was fun to finally play host to her for a few nights. The photos here were taken on March 15th, which was the first day of the 15-30 challenge but I want save that for another post, since this one will be just on our adventures around town and campus. I've written a lot in in the past month and a half, and though I'm an ardent advocate for more compelling text-driven posts, I think it's time to take a break from typing away at the laptop. Here's a photo diary of our walk on the trail around the school pond, which we thought would loop back around the campus but lead actually to the middle of nowhere.

What I thought would take at most maybe forty minutes turned into a two plus hour long walk, as we continued further and further into the woods and eventually loosing sight of the school. Thankfully we had a GPS with us to make our way back, even if we were um, quite confused by the directions lawl. On the way back I spotted a house (the white one with baby blue shutters below) that would have looked like the house the Lisbons would have stayed at before it became overgrown in The Virgin Suicides. Fortunately we made it back on campus in all in one piece and unscathed. It has been in a while since I've really lost myself in the surrounding nature and it was an unexpectedly pleasant experience of just being unplugged, chatting with a good friend and taking pictures. This I think, will never get old. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

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