Un Vernissage

I've been getting my knickers in twist just thinking about what to post lately (so weird to see this phrase applied in this context but it's purely metaphorical here I swear). I can't decide whether to follow up with more photos of my little adventures with Jada, update on my progress for the 15-30 project, or random blabberings of what I have been up to in the Big Apple so far. Rather than feeling even shittier about myself and not posting anything at all, here is a little preview of a style/closet interview to be conducted with my good friend C from ye yonder days in boarding school. I swear this is going to happen once we hunker down and actually go back to her dorm, instead of absentmindedly chit-chatting and catching up on two years worth of juicy gossip like we did today.

This post was to acknowledge the fact that I know that I'm behind on a lot of things, feel terribly bad and sorry about it (promised blog makeovers that have yet to materialise most of all) but please note that it will all be done in due time. Who knew that planning your itinerary along with compiling a whole laundry list of things to do in the city could be so stressful? And god do I sound terribly whiney when I complain about how confusing the subway is compared to anything back home in Asia (HK and Singapore for example) just because ya know, I can only handle one line per track and connected underground stations. Duh.

P.S. In case you don't follow me on Twitter (ahem you totally should ahem) and missed my tweets, I'm currently in NYC for spring break and would lurve to do blogger meet ups. Just tweet/email me :)

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