New York Etc.

Apologies for not feeling terribly wordy again – still trying to adjust to the tempo of classes again after a nice spring break spent in NYC. The exhausting trip back to the Big Apple again to meet with alums didn't help in getting back to the routine (though I loved the trip) and it also meant that there is less time to finish school work then blog, yadda yadda yadda. To pacify and tide everyone over until my next post (fingers crossed to squeeze another post in before the month is out), here are some of the photos I took at Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The weather was exceptionally beautiful that day. My photography skills are still rusty but I've been trying to take photos at every opportunity, so hopefully I'm improving and learning bit by bit through each successive batch of photos.

Also I must make for the shyest fan girl ever! I went to meet up with some high school friends in the Village and saw Nick Wooster as we exited the café where we had brunch. He looked very cool and AWESOME but also super intimidating...if you know what I mean. All I could muster was "OMG that's Nick Wooster" in a loud but also soft kind of stage whisper. It was probably a little annoying for him – and he did look back my way – but what could I say, I was too star-struck and that never hapens to me EVER.

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