Jada and I went and visited a lot of places during her stay here, but what we mostly just ate, A LOT (and these photos only feature the majority of the meals we had, not all). While I spent more than I intended, it was all worth it since there was no better opportunity to discover restaurants and cafés where I wouldn't have been able otherwise with some of my rather unadventurous college mates. I've discovered a lot of new places with her, and many of which I hope to return to in the near future (including a great crêperie by a wonderful Greek lady whom I am now buddies with). We were in the mood for anything pseudo Middle-Eastern after watching A Separation (2011) and lo and behold, we find a restaurant serving Persian cuisine. I love finding out new places to eat with friends – so much fun! More fashion-related posts to be headed your way in the future, I promise. Maybe this is all just from reading a lot of food blogs as of late...who knows?

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