Another Weekend in Boston

There was another museum trip again this Saturday to Boston, with my fellow college mates and colleagues from working at the school museum. We went to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, who opened in January 2012 with a new wing designed by Renzo Piano. I thought it was very interesting to see another Renzo Piano museum work after seeing another of his work at the Morgan Library and Museum. The courtyard in the Gardner Museum was definitely jaw-droppingly beautiful––the sad thing is that taking pictures are not allowed but thankfully I snuck two in before the guards stopped me ("but I don't see any sign that said no photography!"). I recommend going to the Gardner museum should you find yourself in Boston since it's WAY cheaper than the $20 that MFA charges for students. So glad the school paid for the two museum trips as of late (food included, YERSSS *fist pumps*). I went to Chipotle for the first time ever––how does one even finish a full burrito is beyond me.

The weather for both Saturday and Sunday was also unbelievably gorgeous. I love late spring weather.

And since I was already in Boston and my college friends were free (why don't I get Patriots' Day too?!), I thought I might just stick around Wellesley again for the night. I wrote a lengthy piece on Friday afternoon but I'm still not fully satisfied with it so I'll be rewriting it for another time soon in the future hopefully. Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend and if you're running in the Boston Marathon tomorrow, good luck! My friends at Wellesley will send you many kisses. Hee.

P.S. Thank you Jada for sending me a mixtape as a birthday present. Girl has seriously good taste in music.

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