The Countdown Begins

So April's over and it's already the last week of school. The weather has gotten much colder so that plus the prospect of exams ahead has put a damper on things for the moment. I still haven't decided what to pack since I have to pack for a variety of events. I don't know whether I should bring a big suitcase or a smaller one, but thankfully they are quite portable complete with extendable handles and a set of wheels on both.  I found the following from Mr. Porter, so it's primarily for men, but I think it would still do quite nicely for the ladies too, don't ya think?

I'll be signing off from the blog until my exams end, but I have a good nine days between the end of my exams and before I go to Greece so rest assured I will have time. Catch up on my favourite blogs in the meantime and until then...

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