With Grace, Elegance and Comfort

Yesterday after my last class for the year, I decided to take a little mental break and watch a documentary. I randomly came across the documentary, Ballerina (2006) and thought, why the heck not and watched the entire thing in one go. I wasn't planning on writing about it; the documentary was quite fascinating but wasn't shot in a particularly stylistic way that would warrant a write up on a blog that focuses on aesthetics, however the film stayed with me and I still can't quite stop thinking about it.

I never was one of those little girls who aspired to be ballerinas or signed up for dance classes so I'm thoroughly surprised at how impressionable the film was on me. Regardless, I'm rather intrigued by their "ballerina-off-duty" looks: a combo of casually put together comfy leotards and leggings. It's rather sad that word "comfy" has such bad connotations attached to it nowadays. Granted the word conjures images of yoga pants, Uggs, jeggings as pants etc., along with some other words along the lines of being either unkempt or unpolished. I attribute to this the popularity of certain TV shows like Mad Men, to an extent that I do appreciate in alerting to those who are oblivious of the fact that somethings should just not be worn in public, but it does sadden me that comfort is so often a quality overlooked in favour of pure style for most women. It also struck me that basics are seen as completely boring, when they are in fact so very important to the wardrobe (at least in mine).

The point here is that I hope there will be a renewed appreciation of the simple, "boring" basics and that there can be much beauty in the less than perfect. Most of the time, what really gets me are the slight, unique imperfections of things.

Edit: I knew something was missing from this post! The documentary reminded me of the wonderful editorial Acne Paper did for their Youth Issue. The editorial however focused on the Bolshoi, who you could say are rivals to the Mariinsky in the world of Russian ballet.

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