Prada, Schiaparelli and Eataly

I finally got to go see Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations at the Met. I have never seen a more exquisitely curated show I have seen thus far (I am doing a Museums studies concentration so I have seen and studied my fair share of exhibits), though I can't exactly compare it with the McQueen exhibit last year since I didn't get to go see it firsthand. Through the exhibit, you can see exactly how Schiaparelli was incredibly modern and ahead of her time –– sometimes I have trouble distinguishing which piece was designed by Prada or Schiaparelli. I wasn't allowed to take photos of the exhibit so I don't have any to share, but I wouldn't have shared much anyway since I don't want to spoil it for anybody. Should you find yourself in New York, you really must do yourself a favour and go.

After going to the exhibit, I paid a visit to Eataly. I've been wanting to visit for the longest time, but never actually found the opportunity to go until now. I think I overdid by ordering wayyyyy too many pastries (which were a little too sweet) but thankfully I had a great espresso to cut the sweetness and wash it all down.

I really overindulged in the senses today: in sight with the exhibit and in taste with the great food and drinks at Eataly. I'm enjoying myself so much that I really don't want to go –– alas, tomorrow I leave for Greece. I have post scheduled to publish in a few days and hopefully that works. I'll try to do more fashion-heavy posts in the future, and until then, I will see you all in Greece. Τα λέμε!

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