The Last Few Days in the Cyclades

In downtown Fira at Santorini (we stayed at the less tourist-y part of the island named Perissa)

The past two weeks have been absolutely surreal on Greece so far. For an art history/classics nerd like me, can you believe how mind-blown I was when we walked around FREAKIN' Delos just earlier today?! Once we landed in Chania, Crete, on the May 21st via Heathrow (crazy security because of the Olympics later this summer I bet) and Athens, we've had a non-stop crazy exciting schedule through the islands.

Tomorrow is our first day off so I can finally sleep in beyond 7 a.m.! It's been exhausting thus far but I loved every single minute of it. I have to admit though that it did cross my mind that I should stop blogging/suspend the blog for a while, since the last thing I really wanted to do was to give up the beautiful beaches for the indoors and blog. After a while I decided that despite having only one luggage full of clothing (a.k.a. another capsule wardrobe incidentally), the routine of a having a small obligation everyday such as blogging would help me to settle in Athens and ease. I still love fashion but if you want variability, uh look the other way. As much fun as I had in the islands, I'm glad that I can finally a) stop living out my suitcase, b) get hopefully more stable internet, c) play adult and live in an apartment with a bunch of other schoolmates and d) start my internship at the museum!

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