5 Things This Week

1. Bought tickets to go see Oedipus the King at the Epidaurus in early July. So excited, ERMAHGERD.

2. Finally happy with state of tanning for my Melissinos Sandals. TBB (to be blogged).

3. Amanda Brooks has a blog!!!!!!!!! You would have guessed that since everybody's out to have "an online presence" nowadays that I wouldn't care less about yet another fashion insider opening something as predictable as a blog. However I really really really like I Love Your Style (count the times I've said really) and predictably, the classics section the most. I never really read fashion/style advice books since none had anything new to offer or just flat out boring, however this book was above the rest. A well meaning friend of my mother gave me a copy of Tim Gunn's book, A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style, but I still remember disliking it intensely and that was all the way back in eighth grade. To be perfectly honest, I never like the man on screen from my brief viewing of Project Runway Season One way back when, so my dislike could stem from me not like the author than not liking the actual material itself. I digress. Anyhow my main point that despite Amanda Brooks being a rather cookie-cutter blonde fashion muse/socialite/etc. etc. etc., there is much knowledge to be gained from reading her book (the gorgeous presentation too helped), along with providing sources to find additional inspiration from. So imagined my delight to find that not only does she have a blog, but that it doesn't look too slick or polished like she has some fancy corporate sponsor behind it and dare I say, I smell authenticity here? (The far opposite end of the "celebrity blog" spectrum would be Olivia Palermo's, comparatively speaking.) What's curious though is that it doesn't seem too well trafficked, even after being linked to the NYTimes article; yet then again, a low number of comments does not necessarily reflect low traffic per se.

4. A menswear blog infograph, as seen on Unabashedly Prep. I already read and actively follow around 80% of them listed there but yay for more finds that I can actively procrastinate with. And how is this all that relevant? This blog was modelled heavily on the way that menswear blogs are structured and written, though of course mine is all that minus the awesome behind-the-scene factory visits, sweet product previews and exclusive interviews, sadly. I SWEAR I WILL ONE DAY, even if I never intend to "make it" in the fashion world.

5.  The possibility of Greek blogger meetups? I don't know why I never thought about it until Dora reminded me that there are Greek readers of the blog out there (my apologies for being too lazy to consistently check Google Analytics). So if you're in Athens (and I will be until the end of July) and just want to hang, feel free to tweet/email me. There are so many different cafés and tavernas I want to check out! I even have a Greek cell. AND NO, I'M NOT A CREEP. Για!

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