Life's not Glamourous, But Life is Good

This year I vowed to try my hand at photography. While I snapped away quite a bit on the islands, once I reached Athens and my internship started, my output inevitably trickled down till I barely take any until the weekend rolls around (just finished week two of internship!). Working plus buying groceries and trying your hand at cooking kind of has its way of sucking time. In an effort to push myself to take more photos, I've decided to upload them onto the blog to push myself and chart my progress. Part of it too though is also trying to slowly adjust to blogging more often in general :) And here you can even take a sneak peak at my Socrates sandals! (LOL) I don't live in the ritziest part of Athens by any means, but everything's within walking distance so I'm a happy camper.

One last note: what do people think of me trying a hand at street style photography in Athens? Perhaps it isn't the most "appropriate" thing in the time of the crisis (the elections went OK so far, though a functional coalition government is not guaranteed), but I think in spite of all the negativity of the euro crisis , it would be a more positive way to show that life still goes on, in an equanimity in face of intense pressure and stress sort of way. While it's really not all that big of a deal on the scale of things, I would most definitely appreciate all sorts of insight and input from everybody, casual readers of the blog included.

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