Baby Steps


Yesterday was a day of many firsts. It was my first full day in Athens after coming from setting off from Ermoupolis on Syros into Piraeus and then celebrating my friend's 21st birthday in a Greek bar, went to the National Archaelogical Museum of Athens then jettisoning off to the nearest supermarket to stock up on food for the apartment. Since I can't cook to save my life, I watched my friends cook while I did the dishes later on. It felt so "grown-uppery" –– sorry pampered baby talking here –– but I can see myself blissfully happy with this arrangement for my next seven weeks in Athens. I can't wait for life to slow down a little as I've been feeling like I'm going 120 m.p.h. everyday due to our jam-packed schedule.

Of course, as the dutiful nerd I am, I went online to check if there are any interesting cultural events. As you will have it, Oedipus the King (Oedipus Rex) by Sophocles will be on at Epidaurus, which I am SO PSYCHED to see. It will be entirely in Greek and I will not understand a word of it, but I think it will still be completely worth it just to experience the famous acoustics there.

All in all, I am just happy to be blogging again and catching up with everyday. Thanks for all the wonderful well wishes on internship. It has yet to start since the seminar still has around less than a week to go but you'll know when my internship starts. It's so nice to feel like a complete newbie at everything (including blogging) again. God knows how many unread posts there are on my Google Reader, so hopefully I can catch up with everything very soon. I apologize for being a bad blogger friend for neglecting to reader your posts and updates.

I can now proudly say I can order a frappe just the way I like it entirely in Greek along with some other short phrases. You might be wondering why I am still up at 2:15 AM when I have the friggin' Acropolis ahead of me tomorrow however I am already fully adjusted to the siesta schedule. Baby steps people, baby steps.

P.S. I've streamlined the blog for summer but apart from removing the link to my Pinterest, everything is left mostly unchanged. I've decided against using Pinterest despite it being a great tool for curating the little things found on the internet due to the iffy grey legal issues that I don't want to be exposed to. Again I know I am long overdue on the site makeovers; rest assured it will be my top priority after the seminar is over.

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