Costumes at the Benaki

I managed to do quite a bit on my day off yesterday, which included visiting my friends currently working at the Agora, and finally getting round to walking around Kolonaki and going to see both the Benaki Museum and the Museum of Cycladic Art. The Cycladic Art Museum had all sorts of interactive goodies and large displays that both adults and kids would appreciate. What however is most  relevant to the blog and readers is the extensive costume exhibit at the Benaki Museum, showcasing different types of traditional dress from different areas in and around Greece. One can definitely tell that a whole assortment of foreign influences that were introduced and worked into the costumes, such as some Turkish elements for example seen here and there.

However what really drew me in were the rich details and intricacy of the embroidery. The sumptuous fabric and jewel tones of the different pieces are absolutely beautiful. I can't imagine scarcely imagine just how much time and energy it would have taken to craft each individual article of clothing, and the incredible amount taken to don the many layers. Of course, I highly doubt ordinary folk were dress as such on an everyday basis; these were likely the clothing of the elite who could all the handmaiden and servants to assist them each morning. While this makes me appreciate all the conveniences of modern sportswear and the like, there is a part of me that wonders what would have it been like to actually see people dressed as such on the streets. I guess the modern answer to this would be couture.

A post on Artist's Jewellery Special Exhibition at the Benaki next :)

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