GANT Amongst Others

If there is one thing that has truly surprised me in Greece so far, it would be finding GANT stores where you least expect it. Like my first night in the small but charming town of Chania, where it was tucked away not too far from the Venetian Harbour. Or after we bused all the way to to Heraklion, only to find another just down the road from Lion's Square. The sightings though should not surprise me since it is currently owned by the Swedes, despite its New Haven, CT, origins. I haven't talked about PITA much at all; the last post I had on it was a rather more negative one back in February. I think all the silence on the subject owed to me getting a little sick of all these "heritage" brands cashing in on the resurgence of all things wonderful and trad, with the Made in U.S.A. moniker all too gimicky for my liking.

In spite of all this, I am still very much in love with PITA. It's alive and well in the wardrobe––you should see all the gingham button downs I brought with me! I am happy to find this lookbook for their GANT Rugger Summer 2012 lookbook to wake me from my menswear lovin' schlump. Nothing here is dramatically different from past (PITA has a way of being super reliable and un-trendy), but I love the subtle variations between this collection and the last.

Some more menswear favourites as of late includes (from Milan Fashion Week):

  • Missoni: Unexpected runaway favourite here. I'm not usually much of a Missoni fan girl but I do adore the relaxed vibe and dusty palette here. LOVE.
  • John Varvatos: Very clean and easy on the eyes. Not spectacular by any means, but it's wearable without being boring. Plus he's Greek! 
  • Prada: Just adoring all that quirky vibe there. 
  • Jil Sander: I think it one-upped Prada for over-all coolness vibe. It is likely that it's only because it's the return of Madame Jil Sander herself after eight looooong years.
  • Trussardi: Great subtle use of colours here with just a touch of Palm Spring-y tone here and there, which was unexpected. 
  • Carven: Of course, right? What else. Please read Miss Bubble's review, it's fantastic and I haven't been sooo jealous of someone in a very very long time. 
  • Vivienne Westwood: Let's end with another unexpected favourite here of Vivienne Westwood. I never pay too much attention to her menswear collection despite liking her womenswear stuff quite a bit. Super quirky and cute all at once––trust me on this, despite the flower crowns.
And by the way, thanks for all the encouraging comments FOR street style photography. I can't wait to snap away very soon (as luck would have it, I'm got this Friday off so I'll have the time to go and stalk people >:D)

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