Athens from Above

Here's a mini update of photos from my hike up to Mt. Lycabettus, since I can't update this weekend as I will be away in Hydra! It's the highest point in Athens so you have excellent views of the city from all around. We indulged ourselves by having dinner there for the night (a light salad) before making our way down via the funicular.

The red shorts you see are from H&M; those and a pair in khaki are pretty much the only things I've bought so far in Greece apart from the alumni dinner dress. I'm not sure if the Greece is poorly stocked due to the crisis or that I am just super picky now that I've gone the purging of the wardrobe and used to not buy very much at all. If you're not a particular fan of neon or lace, you're pretty much screwed with high street options. Hopefully I can soon expand more later on post-capsule wardrobe living after Hydra.

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