Bidding Farewell to Greece

It was only last night when I was browsing through the photos looking for things to post that it finally registered in my brain that my time in Greece is officially over with a resounding capital O. And F for finito. The past two months were over just like that. I'm glad to be back seeing family and eating good Chinese food again but I wouldn't mind staying for another month or so.

What I realised about travelling on this trip is that it's not so much about seeing the place itself, but rather capturing experiences and stories along the way. I used to think that study abroad brochures were often full of bullshit in how it is advertised as a great way to "discover yourself" however now I do think there is a grain of truth in that. If you are going to party and drink your way through your travels and not put in the effort to learn about the place, the language, the people and the culture, then it's unsurprising that you're not going to gain much or learn about thine true self either. So much of it is not as philosophical as it seems but rather simple acknowledgements that everybody is a fellow human beings with the same kind of desires and feelings. Lin is perhaps far more eloquent on the beauty of conversing with strangers on foreign travels, but I suspect the reason why conversations made on the road are so pleasant are that because they are simply so unassuming and at the same time, without the unsavoury polite veneer of small talk. Of course, the beauty of your surroundings and the escape from the mundane banality of normal life helps too. 

I know I have collected a lifetime's worth of stories on this trip alone and I fear this sojourn to Greece has just sparked the most intense wanderlust in me. I'm afraid I can no longer sit still and learn to settle.

It's nice to finally be able to properly collect my thoughts and write again; rest assured there will be more writing again in future posts and hopefully more on the topic of fashion/style. Lastly, I hope you enjoyed my last batch of photos from Hydra (Idra), Greece.

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Jessica W said...

Wonderful photos. I've never travelled but this really spoke to me. I'm sort of scared to start traveling because that wanderlust that results (ie wanting more!) might come back to bite me...