Buntzen Lake & The Perfect Grey Tee

I am sorry if I sound like a broken record regarding UNIQLO but I swear to god that I am not paid a cent to write about them, but simply because I went on a crazy shopping spree there when in NYC and I'm in love with everything I bought so far. So full disclosure here in case you were wondering.

The reason when I am so content as of late (and therefore have little to talk (specifically whine about) on 'The Wardrobe') is that I've finally satisfied my want for basics. Last summer I was lamenting the fact that I lacked the true meat and bulk of the wardrobe. Now however after a healthy supply of plain tees, sweaters, structured navy skirt, a new pair of jeans later along with my beautiful Barbour jacket, I really think don't want much of anything anymore. I mean sure I've seen some pretty here and there and would like to have like everybody else (no superhuman willpower here) but there is neither real need nor deep desire for said little knick knacks.

Although there are times that I wonder if the reason why I am so easily satisfied is because I A) cannot give a damn about keeping up with the Joneses or B) as long as I'm presentable I'm happy. I don't know if this is case of maturity from my teenage years or my decreasing interest in fashion In general. My love for fashion is still there and I can most definitely admire it from afar, but that's well, about it. I'm at that point in life where there so much more pressing things to worry about now: whether to go to grad school, what kind of internship to get etc.

Exhibit A would definitely be my grey tee here that I wore to Buntzen Lake. Personally I find grey tees to be vastly more functional than plain white tees, particular because it meshes so well with everything and plus stains don't show nearly as easily. As my cousin finds with white pocket tees, they have to always look clean and crisp and all round immaculate for it to look good, whereas you are afforded a lot more liberties in varying shades of unkemptness for grey tees. Also it could just be that the heather grey tone of the shirt looks a lot better with my skin tone than white. I love the shirt as it flatters my body in all the right places, is also super soft to the touch, all for the extremely affordable price of ~$5 on sale.

So yes, while I will try to talk more about fashion, note that there will be more long winded drivel versus actual to-buy list, which I think will be most interesting since so little folks out there have written about post-capsule wardrobe living.

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