Granville Island

Vancouver has recently been hit by the heatwave, making it so hot that it was unbearable to go out until today. Cue Netflix marathon of Dexter. I always love going back to Granville Island, despite it becoming more and more touristy as the years go on, as its the stuff of my childhood. The summers spent at Arts Umbrella and when I got a little older, to venture off to the market or the fish and chips shack for lunch. You know, the good life.

When I back this time round, I'm glad to know little has changed. Okay the slide is no longer there, but at least there's a cool new wheel swing in its place. Predictably, I'm wearing my old breton stripe top with my new UNIQLO skinny jeans, which I lurve. A great addition might I add, to my mini denim collection.

Lil' sis on the other hand, went the simple '90s denim jacket + white tee route. I hope my love for basics has rubbed off on her. Here's to wishful thinking.

I am usually not so blatantly nationalistic/all that patriotic but it is things like this makes me appreciate the fact that I am Canadian. Also for the fact the red looks so pretty against the cornfield blue of the sky.

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