Gus Fring: The Best Dressed Drug Lord on TV (No Spoilers)

You must be wondering, what the hell? Gus Fring of Breaking Bad? What's she smoking? FYI, apart from lacking good REM sleep with a slight dependence on over the counter painkillers (no opiates no worries), I am perfectly sober thank you. I have yet to fully catch up with the show, but I've made serious progress last night by finishing season three and starting season four. That was quite a season finale and I'm so glad I could watch it all in one go or I would have died from the anxiety of the wait.

I could help but notice just how put together Gus is on the show. His choice for neat, clean cut clothing reflects his precise and careful approach to business––after all he is a professional. The colours are nondescript but nevertheless flattering; I think being a criminal mastermind you would want to look more understated. The sharp tailoring of his wardrobe is much welcomed relief from Jesse Pinkman's own disastrous wardrobe choices; I can totally understand why Pinkman dresses the way he does, down to the utter lack of care for his own appearance that is very much true to his character, but it doesn't make it less of a sartorial eyesore. As for Walter White? Frankly I am too distracted by his facial hair to really notice anything else.

P.S. Bring on the Breaking Bad memes! Here's another one that's hilarious from the Oatmeal.

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