More Menswear Schtuff

Can't believe August is now over! However it does not mean that summer's to a close because I'll be hitting the beach one last time before I head back to school ;) I don't feel quite ready to turn off my internal "summer mode" but I have been slowly readjusting my sleep cycle over the course of the week for one that resembles more of a sane human being and less of a vampire's (damn the night marathons of Mad Men Season 5). Here's some menswear schtuffs (lookbooks, campaigns and paper dolls included) that serves not just as EXTREMELY good eye candy but also for some more Fall inspiration.
I'm taking time off from the blog for the long weekend and will not be back until Sept 4th (which is when I return to the East Coast to schooooool). I hope everyday has a fantastic long weekend, and for those going to school, best of luck! I'll be starting my third year at school (crikey time flies).

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