Lazy Business Casual

"Lazy business casual" is how I would describe what I wore today to my school's financial accouting and modeling boot camp. It's amazing how I still manage to find myself staring at the computer again after having to sit in front of the scene learning to read 10-Ks and complete models in Excel. It was from 8am-5pm, which is by this nocturnal college student's opinion, WAY TOO EARLY. Almost ungodly early really, considering it is the weekend and the earliest classes that I have usually are at 9am. Halfway through I seriously questioned myself why was I doing this, since I pretty much have zero interest in investment banking but ultimately it was for a new concentration at my school that I wanted. These days I've been wearing my Uniqlo sweaters on a non-stop basis; it's to no one's surprise that when I woke up bleary eyed this morning, I grabbed the first things I saw: a sweater and my new structured navy skirt (which is also from Uniqlo). 

I'm not a formal slacks person purely because the structured skirt has far more versatility, which is what I'm gunning for when shopping these days. Formal slacks look too pant suit-y for my liking and I find the pairing of the formal slack with an informal top like a tank looks a little off. I plan for this navy skirt to truly become a major workhouse for my wardrobe. As for the shoes, the label on the sole has since rubbed off and I've had this from junior year in high school so I have no idea where I got it. 

I just logged back into Tumblr to try and revive my econ side blog, A Double Coincidence of Wants, and holy cow has Tumblr changed. While I try to relearn how to use it, if you're asking what I'm reading this days, it's George Magnus's new paper (found via FT Alphaville).  

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