Margaret Howell S/S 2013

I managed to finish all my readings for tomorrow on time today so I thought I'll check out London Fashion Week (#LFW) before I hit the sack. It was probably pretty predictable that I would feature Margaret Howell's latest collection for my first fashion show review of the season. There's nothing revolutionary here: I like that MH stays consistent to her signature clean, almost minimalist, style and only tweaks things a little for every collection. This is why I see her as a realistic designer in that she never really deviates much from her vision, designing for a mythical goddess confident woman who knows what she likes, what she looks good in and sticks to it. She's so comfortable in her own skin she needs no bells and whistles. 

I read Vogue UK's review of the collection and found it strange that they would pick Alexa Chung as "the perfect embodiment of Howell’s tomboyish minimal chic if ever there was one". To be sure, Alexa Chung does have a great sense of style and is worthy of much imitation on the streets by hordes of young women, however this sentiment regarding her style seems to be a bit premature. Alexa Chung in ten years time? Perhaps, maybe. 

See the rest of the collection on Vogue UK.

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