The Fashion Week Blur

We're already in the middle of NYFW although I haven't had any chance to look at any shows. Who really does have the time and the luxury to go through all those runway pics unless you're a bored teenager with too much time on her hands (me back in the day) or in the fashion industry (even then I bet you'll be busy working too)? Starting from the time I got into "building the wardrobe", everything about fashion  is becoming a blur. I can no longer truly differentiate one product from another; they all look the same to me. When I get up in the morning before class, I try to put in a little effort in picking different ensembles together. That effort demonstrates that I still do give a crap about how I look, which leads me to wonder if this is a true sign of my gradual transcendence in controlling my desire for material goods? The long fabled zen state of mind post-wardrobe building? 

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