All Gant Rugger Goodness

Gant just posted their new holiday lookbook (not sure if it's part of their F/W 2012 collection or not...) and here it is! It's as if they already knew that I would writing about them––the pictures were already to go without my having to arrange them together in Photoshop as I have done in the past. AWESOME! If you didn't know already, I'm a die hard Gant Rugger fan. I would buy their products more often if I had a) more $$$, no duh, and b) could try them on in person as they are still menswear (and so are in menswear sizes and fits differently on the female body). In my wholly biased point of view, this collection is fantastic. They're doing what they do best, namely creating more modern but still trad-looking wares versus the preppier stuff that brands like Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger make, for which I am so thankful for since I'm much firmly in the trad camp versus the prep camp. I'm not really a suit person but I would love to get some shirts, their wide assortment of sweaters and those plaid pants (the ones at UNIQLO for women were sold out a longggggg time ago apparently *tear*). What would I give for them to create Gant Rugger for women? A Gant x UNIQLO collaboration? *Drools* Think of the possibilities people!


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