Amy Adams + Band of Outsiders

I am not usually one for celebrity worship, but if I had to pick an actress today that I really admire it would be Amy Adams. She took my heart in ever since watching her in Miss Pettigrew Lives in a Day with Frances McDormand––she's just so talented on all fronts in both singing and acting. I did not have the chance to watch her in Paul Thomas Anderson's The Masters yet, but hopefully I will get the chance to over Thanksgiving break or something. Sharing Band of Outsider's campaign has become something of a tradition (now-ish?) on the blog and I thought these were so much fun. Some pieces in the new collections (think Spring 2013) that were a hit or miss, nevertheless on the whole Band of Outsiders is still pushing all the right buttons for me.

If you were wondering about the continuation of "Curating + Collecting" series, no worries everything's coming along though I'm still working at it. It was easy churning out that first piece – throwing down the gauntlet if you will – but it's quite another to consider the different topics you want to talk about but also the chronology and how they would relate and flow from one to the next. I'm probably over-thinking it a little however more thought and care can never hurt. Thank you for the thoughtful comments that many of you have left on the piece and letting me know that I'm not alone in thinking that something needs to change. The amount of attention is received is significant for a little site like mine. Again to reiterate, if someone would like to contribute to the series, please feel free to email me.

See the rest of the campaign on Boy. by Band of Outsiders

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