I've Got Mail

I feel like I haven't posted anything fun in a long time! When I did become so dry and serious?! >< My copy of Acne paper came a while ago but I had no time to fully read and appreciate it until school was cancelled Monday. Rookie Mag came in the mail today just in time for halloween :D
This halloween has been substantially better than last year's. At least there's no snow. At least there's still freakin' power and heat. There has no been damage so far from Hurricane Sandy Frankenstorm this year around these parts; we were all terrified it would have been Snowpocalypse 2011 redux all over again. This year I watched Carrie (1976) on HBOGo, drank honey vanilla chamomile tea (so delish that I just might never drink English Breakfast again), avoided watching Downton Abbey ever since that dreadful episode five of season three (damn you Julian Fellowes, I have yet to recover *shakes fists*) but missing it so I'm watching BBC's The Country House Revealed instead, all the while very safe and warm inside. Though I lucked out in being relatively unaffected by Hurricane Sandy, there are still many who have (poor professors who have to commute from their powerless houses in CT included). My heart goes out to those are who affected and hopefully all will recover very soon from this.

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catssaymeow said...

Honey vanilla chamomile tea sounds delicious indeed - is it something you brew up yourself or does it come ready made in a tea bag? Have not seen it in Oz :(
Glad you stayed safe :)