The End of Rugby Ralph Lauren

Have you heard? There's a rumour in St. Petersburg. Gahh I don't know why that song popped into my head. It has nothing to do with St. Petersburg and it's not even a rumour – it's confirmed. You've read the post title right: Ralph Lauren will be shuttering its Rugby line. To be perfectly honest, it did not come as a surprise. I've always thought its clothes were way too campy that not even die hard blue blooded preps will dress in it from head to toe. The only good thing about the line is their fabulously decorated Soho menswear-only store in NYC that people should definitely check out. The details of the decor down to their fabulously dressed salesmen is something to gawk at. Nevertheless, I've never been tempted to buy anything from the line. It's way too overpriced and overdone. It tries too hard, which is never a good look. For an example of neo-prep/Trad well done, check out Gant. I will miss the Tweed Runs though (hope they'll keep it).

Tomorrow is Election Day! I'm pretty darn sure Obama will win but the wait is making me nervous.

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