Feeding Your Bond Obsession

From reading the comments of my recent Thanksgiving post, it seems that I am not the only one who was enraptured with the latest James Bond film, Skyfall (2012), directed by Sam Mendes featuring Daniel Craig. Because I know too little about the specifics of the tailoring and suits in general, I would be hard-pressed to do a fully informative satisfying post on the sartorial choices of the film. In its place, I've collected a series of articles and relevant readings on not just the fashion but the whole film in general that I hope would help satiate your hunger for all things Skyfall and Bond. There will be varying degrees of spoilerage in each article so please read on at your own discretion:
 GQ's impeccable coverage of the style of Bond in the film is only to be expected:
Last but not least, GQ UK's entire James Bond feature on their website. In fact their whole November 2012 issue is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Bond, which I am now so tempted to get. For a more general review of James Bond's style throughout the times, please revisit the video I posted a while ago. There is also more exciting news to come as there is a sequel in the works (also by Sam Mendes probably). I am on the fence about this because while I am loving this new darker, grittier, almost Nolan-esque development of Bond thus far, Quantum of Solace (2008) as a sequel to Casino Royale (2006) was an utter disaster. Can the same tone and direction of the Bond as of Skyfall be continued without compromising the story line? I guess we will have to wait and see. 

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