And This is Why I Can't Have Nice Things

As a fashion blogger, you would think that I have something as basic as NOT PUTTING ANYTHING WOOLLEN INTO THE DRYER now down pat. Oh no. You see, as a perpetually stressed out and sleep deprived college student, I absentmindedly took my huge wad of laundry (two and half weeks worth to be precise) down to the basement, thinking to myself, "look how clean and prepared I am for Thanksgiving break! Wouldn't Mom and Pop be so proud of me." I didn't realize anything had gone wrong until I took them out and started to pack. These were my favourite purchases of the season: lambwool sweaters from Uniqlo. *tear* Of course now I am looking up tips to try and stretch them out again. I know they won't exactly be the same as before, but I'd be damned if I don't at least give it a try. Among the tips I am going to try include are's and's. I will update all should I be successful.

This is also the reason why I am abstaining from #CyberMonday today. I have browsed through certain sites and have taken note of few items, but really I don't need anything new in my wardrobe. Save for some formal office wear-type clothing for interviews later on the school year for internhips and schtuff however I am not in a rush to get them and I would like to try the tailored pieces in person to make sure they fit well. SO DON'T YOU DARE LOOK AT THE CASHMERE TURTLE NECKS THAT IS ON SALE AT UNIQLO JOY. It really doesn't help now that Uniqlo has an e-Commerce site (about damn time too might I add). Also I forgot to mention that I had torn a small hole in my pair of black denim from climbing onto the roof of a school building in the middle of the night the week before Thanksgiving break. Not advised kids! I know this all sounds badass and rebel-y but in reality I am a mild mannered goody two shoes. Thankfully this can easily be fixed with a needle and thread. I am going to cry myself to sleep now, first mourning what potentially could be the death of my newly shrunken sweaters *more tears* and secondly, no chic black turtle necks for me. If you guys get anything cool this Cyber Monday, please do share.

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