Living Life on the Slow Lane

Today is a slow day of hand-me-downs. I've just recently been gifted a pair of sweet knee high suede boots from a dear friend and since it's been a while since my last 'outfit' post along with finals looming ahead of me, I thought it would be nice to have a light post after the text-heavy ones all November. 

It's hilarious that the theme specifically here is not just hand-me-downs, but the fact that both items had their origin in aunts. The knitted top above is gifted from my aunt when she went through a bout of wardrobe cleaning in August. She also gave me another more muted pink one of the same exact style. Yay for aunts with great taste and those who have sons instead of daughters! Serious style tip here: don't be a shallow ass kisser though just keep in mind that aunts/older female family friends who don't have daughters or even better, ONLY sons, usually make for not only great shopping partners but also great sources for sweet hand-me-downs. Case in point above. My mother's wardrobe is a poor resource to find lots of good stuff simply because I have two younger sisters, with limited supply and lots of demand in full effect.

The suede boots come from my friend's aunt, who too went through a round of wardrobe spring cleaning during Thanksgiving. Hence her giving a bag of twenty-something pairs of shoes to my friend. E, being of the most sweet and generous nature, shared her findings with our circle of friends and gave me the pair of black knee high suede boots. It comes at a particular good time with winter approaching and my old pair of Docs currently out of commission. It's nice to give my Duck boots a break now and then.

Another friend also found a great pair of patent leather booties that were too big for her and guess what, it's mine too! It's just a tad too small for me although it's still very wearable otherwise and hey, what can beat a zero dollar price tag?

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