(Warmer) Winter Wardrobe Inspiration

I just came across of these photos of mah home girl Liu Wen, rocking chic fall/winter ensembles in the December 2012 issue of Dazed & Confused editorial titled '#homestyle', by photographer Benjamin Alexander Huseby and styled by Robbie Spencer. Having done a back to school fall inspiration post, I thought we could all use an update now that the temperature has dropped. I do realize though that is hardly a practical full blown winter inspiration with its shorts and blouses, but it does set a good 'tone' for the season if you will. It's great inspiration for me personally since I will be going back to Hong Kong for the winter to spend time with family (and of course squeeze some blogger meetups in!) before coming back to the USA to spend J-Term back at school.

It sounds overly naïve and stupid now, but back then whenever I went back to HK during winter break, I wondered how people immediately knew I came back from abroad, either from the UK or the US or Canada. My Cantonese can't be that bad? I haven't even spoken yet! Now that I look back at it, I was probably the only person not in a down coat with Uggs in 13º C weather (mid 50sº F), which is considered chilly for them while just another cool day in the Fall for me. I guess the cold arctic winds that came blowing down to Michigan over the Great Lakes have made me immune to the harshest of winters. I hope before the finals catch up to me that I'd be able to find and share another winter wardrobe inspo post that's more suitable, and thus relevant, to the present North American-European climates. Rest of the shoot below the jump (minus the studio shots that I thought weren't as pretty).

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