Wanted: A Peacoat

The other day I borrowed my friends plain black peacoat before we headed out to the cafés in town to study. My god I loved the coat. It is so simple, yet so smart and chic. Smart chic is something I can sooooooo get behind. The coat was roomy enough to allow for another layer underneath without bulging, making it über functional and practical. As you can see above, my current go-to winter coat (apart from a black down jacket for when it gets down to below freezing temperatures) has been the same since sophomore year of high school: my wet-moleskin-looking coat with a faux fur trim on the hood from G-STAR Raw. I bought it when I was really into the aesthetics of military uniforms, and it happened to be on sale at J2 in Vancouver. I distinctly remember it being all sold out save for the one still on the mannequin, so the (very nice and patient) store staff had to yank it off the mannequin for me to try it own. Thank god it fit. While it has served me well over the years, and continues to do so, I long for something that is a bit more formal. In enters the peacoat.

In a way, the peacoat is derived from the military uniforms too, in that it has its origins from European sailors and are part of the US Navy uniforms. It would be really cool if I could find an army surplus store and get my hands on an actual US Navy peacoat. Think how great the quality would be and how incredibly warm it has to for it work well in active duty. The standard issue ones come only in dark blue, but I'm only into the black and or navy varieties anyway though I am open-minded towards tweed. This definitely goes onto the Christmas wishlist after more Uniqlo sweaters. I feel bad for wanting more coats only months after getting my Barbour jacket, but I have no formal-looking outerwear save for my trench coat (which is not at all warm!).

I have been more interested in military aesthetics again lately, as a matter of fact, now that I'm starting to watch Homeland. What's a girl gotta do in a small college town with great internet connection thanks to living on campus? And nothing else is on right now! Speaking of television, I can't wait to sink my teeth into HBO newest documentary on fashion, In Vogue: The Editor's Eye, which premiered yesterday in conjunction with the magazine's 120th anniversary. I am not the biggest fan of Vogue US (Vogue China takes the cake) but I do find the trailers intriguing. I plan to write on the documentary after viewing so keep your eyeballs peeled for it soon. Have a great weekend.

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