Adventures at the Bookmill

Yesterday my friend's brother came up from New Haven to visit his sister (aww) so we decided to spend MLK day at the local Bookmill instead. I have never been to the Bookmill before myself and I absolutely adored it. I could have spent the entire day here. There's amazing food (the brie, jam + apple sandwich above was divine) with great coffee and huge array of books for you to pick from and read. It's a hipster/nerd paradise. I left my DSLR at school and didn't bring it back with me to HK so I truly enjoyed rediscovering it again. The weight of it feels good in my hands.

I feel bad for not having any HK updates even though I had a great time. Those just require a little more writing and I'm feeling a little lazy as of late. :P

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Ammu said...

Gorgeous pictures...this post makes me wish I could go back to college!