A Very Pea Update

I finally got a wool blended pea coat that I'm absolutely head over heels in love with from...*drum roll*...UNIQLO. Bet you were SO surprised that I would find something at Uniqlo for my liking. I managed to squeeze in a few hours of shopping time before I had to board the bus back to school, so I got to visit their North American flagship on 5th & 53rd and it is glorious. I spent two hours there trying on everything. I love every aspect of the coat:
  • there is enough weight in the material that it feels substantial
  • good structure 
  • well tailored to my body
  • in a gorgeous navy blue
  • on sale
To be honest at first I was trying to find the wool blended cocoon coat that I had my eye on already in HK but there was none in my size. In comparison it was a bit more trendy Isabel Marant-esque and I'm sure I would have loved the coat, however I'm glad that even though I wasn't able to get it, it led me to this wonderfully divine traditional coat that basically is now the cherry on top of my ├╝ber PITA (preppy-ivy-traditional-americana) wardrobe. Dead Fleurette wrote about sticking to what works in terms of her relationship with APC, I have to say I have the same with Uniqlo (only the NYC stores though sadly). It's funny because I think it all began with my overzealous pursuit for great basics even though I have hardly your model petite Japanese woman body except now I have convinced they scale things very differently for their North American market. I do hope to learn more about Uniqlo as a business operation in the future as I think as a regular customer I should learn more about the origin of my purchases. Being an informed consumer never hurts.

*if you were wondering why the photos are so overexposed it is because it was taken by a good friend who is, alas, not so experienced (if at all) with photography. At least she's fabulous at organic chemistry?! For all intents and purposes they serve to showcase the coat well enough though in the future I will be sure to find opportunities to photograph the coat better.

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