Happy 2nd Birthday

THE BLOG IS TWO NOW (as of yesterday)! Isn't this so crazy?! I believe this is the first time I've stuck with a personal project for this long. EVER. It's awesome to how the blog has developed over the years – at first I was just sharing random stuff/ thoughts about things – I never intended to actually write longer detailed pieces. What further boggles my mind is that people actually read them, let alone leave such thoughtful and insightful comments.  The blog has become a full blown creative outlet in terms of making me push my boundaries as a writer, amateur web/graphics designer, amateur photographer and most importantly, as a consumer. Maintaining the blog has at times been taxing and even grueling on top of academic responsibilities, but it feels incredibly rewarding every step of the way.

Writing about the curating process and the general economics of retail and luxury goods has fundamentally shifted my entire perspective on fashion. I pay much more attention to the 'how' and 'why' people around me shop as oppose to what they bought in the past. Similarly, it consistently surprises me to see how drastically different my shopping habits have become not only in relation to myself before but also to the people around me. Learning their motives behind their purchases and comparing it myself is utterly fascinating. It's not about how I am better than thou by accumulating less things; instead, it's more of observing and documenting the huge variety of what makes people tick, of what trickles into the mainstream subconsciousness in the realm of retail and fashion. What makes ME tick even: the constantly yapping about Uniqlo, find the perfect basics, classic pieces, the Ivy/Trad (PITA) aesthetic rah rah rah...two years later and I'm still hopelessly obsessed with all of the above. Beyond this, it's also interesting to this play out on the larger scale, in the context of modern day globalization and in terms of ecological impact.

My brain is awash with topics to add to my much neglected series of "Curating + Collecting." If only I could find enough time and energy to pen them as fast as I can! Future topics I can't wait to write about very soon: the change in the pace of consumption pre- and post-curating, mall culture in Hong Kong, basics vs. classics (or if there is a difference at all), how the womenswear industry is friendly (or unfriendly) to curating the wardrobe, whether high fashion is shifting away from regurgitating trends from the runway etc. etc. Apart from this particular series, other topics include researching and writing about Uniqlo (I have already downloaded all the relevant PDFs from their parent company Fast Retailing Co.'s corporate website), talking about Chinese luxury goods market and more. So many topics but so little time. Let's not get ahead of ourselves shall we by tackling things one at a time...starting with sharing some blog tips of the trade I've picked up over the year(s) for this week. It's my way of giving back to the blogging community and to my lovely readers ;)

Thanks to everybody who has been reading the blog, no matter how long ago or recent (that includes you mum and dad), from all over the globe. I've been slowly coming out of the blogging closet (so to speak) by sharing my blog more with people I actually know in real life, which is pretty scary but at the same time, at least now they know why I need to shut myself off from the rest of the world for hours at a time. Thanks again for the great two year run so far and let's toast to a great third round this time eh? I hear the third time's the charm!