Stanley, Hong Kong

After yesterday's grittier post of artist studios in Hong Kong's industrial district of Fo Tan, here's one to show you the more relaxed peaceful side of HK. It's nice to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. Due to the expensive real estate, most of the land is developed by real estate tycoons to build shopping malls after shopping malls to quickly and easily recoup their investments, even if there are WAY too many in existence already. Worst still, the malls are all filled with the same brands and in many cases, even the same restaurants. Even though it's a cosmopolitan city rich in culture, it's actually hard to find something interesting to see or do, hence our making a trek way out of the way down to the southern tip of the island.

Here you can see what was basically my uniform the whole time I was in HK: basic neutral tee + jeans + sneakers/loafers depending on location/weather/mood + Barbour jacket, which turned out to be perfect for the cool breezy winter weather. 

I'll be sure to follow up later with the a post solely dedicated to the "mall culture" of Hong Kong and the resulting homogeneity of choices because it's an interesting phenomenon that's little seen outside of Asia (where the population density is high and little land is available).