Move Over Downton for Parade's End

I still remember how excited I was for season three of Downton Abbey. I've only written about that not too long ago. Sure season two kinda sucked, but overall it was good television. Seeing as it has only started airing now in the US, I feel compelled to say I completely ditched it after episode five. I will not reveal what exactly happens then, but the poor suckers who are watching it as of right now will be in for a nasty surprise. Last week, I was contemplating whether to watch it again despite hating Julian Fellowes for what he did in episode five when I was then promptly informed of what had happened in the Christmas special. For what happened in both episode five and the special, FUCK YOU JULIAN FELLOWES BIG TIME. HOW COULD YOU, YOU EVIL EVIL MAN. And with that I have forever abandoned all thoughts of tuning in to Downton again, except for maybe reliving the glory days of season one someday down the line in the future.

Now that Downton is gone, something has got to sate my need for a good historical drama. Enter Parade's End, which comes highly recommended by all my good British chums from back home in Hong Kong as well from many sources on the internet. I managed to catch episode one on Friday and while I have yet to fall head over heels for it (give it time now), the period piece is COMPLETELY GORGEOUS. It based on Ford Maddox Ford's tetralogy published between 1924 and 1928 that begins at the start of WWI. I might start reading the series myself. It's close enough to the time period of Downton in season one I suppose. This also conveniently fills up the gap that Sherlock has left in me, what with both Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch being busy with the Hobbit I, II and III. The female suffragette Cumberbatch's character Christopher Tietjens falls looks like if Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan had a baby. I also couldn't recognize Rebecca Hall, who plays Tietjens' bitchy wife without her trademark brown locks. 

I'll be sure to update on any good fashion in film finds as I progress throughout the series, which won't be too hard judging from these promo stills from the first episode alone. It's a breath of fresh air for the aesthetics of Downton. It's rather hard to find screen caps for now but I won't let that stand in the way of getting good fashion inspiration. 

Parade's End will premiere in the US on HBO on February 26th. But who can wait that long? Pas moi.

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