A Wardrobe of Staples

Lumpy oatmeal sweaters. Washed out jeans. Worn out duck boots. A neutral warm palette. Inspired by Miss Sophie, this post features more or less what I wear nowadays. Even though I have the most wonderful navy pea coat, I still find myself gravitating towards my trusty old heavy duty G-STAR Raw coat. It's partially because I am so used to wearing it but also because it's so easy to clean and maintain. The pea coat is much less hardy and not at all suited for harsh winter storms (especially as of late).

It's been surprisingly difficult to identify what are my wardrobe staples this season per se post-curation, now that every item is indispensable and is regularly worn on a rotating basis. There are no extra leftover statement pieces that I wear only for the one event now and then. Interestingly, I guess this is how you know you've got the basics down pat that each piece of clothing becomes a true workhorse. 

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