Take It or Leave It

one gift set 3 layering bands from glamrocksdesigns. two reigning champ crewneck navy. three everlane box cut tee white. four everlane ryan tee black. five reigning champ crewneck heather grey.

Like all my “want lists” in the past, these are just somethings like I would like to have but hey if I don’t manage to get around to acquiring them, well that’s okay too. Reigning Champ is a brand that I have been meaning to talk about more – they are a great brand hailing from my hometown of Vancouver, Canada. They make THE best basics for men. That however does not stop me from seriously lusting after their pieces.

I have been meaning to post more during my spring break here in DC but my internet has been quite spotty so far. So I'm afraid you would have to make do with only this post for now until I'm back at school.


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