Facing the Inevitable

I am sure all college students go through this at some point: the transfer from collegiate casual dress to something a little more professional. I have been luckier than most, in that my internship last summer in Greece had basically no dress code. Whereas this summer, working in relatively conservative environment in Washington D.C. means I can no longer get away with wearing whatever.

Thankfully, due to my obsession with menswear, I already have a good steady rotation of button down shirts, chinos and a great pair of tan wingtips to boot. What I am lacking is a great navy blazer, which to me would be the cherry on top of a great business casual wardrobe.

For my search for The Great Navy Blazer, I headed to Soho. After my eye exam at Warby Parker (just got a pair of Preston in whiskey tortoise!), I beelined for my usual hotspot of Uniqlo. I couldn’t be more disappointed since they usually have a great selection of office basics, which is replaced by designer collaborations and subpar summer prints. As Zara was nearby, I popped in just to check it out. I couldn’t find any navy blazer that I liked but I was awed at how on point the prints at Zara were. Someone either hacked into the Céline/Liberty London/J.Crew HQs or my mind, but it was very hard to walk out of there without buying anything. Thank god I’ve trained my willpower through periodical shopping fasts and general curation (more on this later). I did eventually found THE perfect blazer at J.Crew in the end—it was everything I wanted from the lining down to the buttons but sadly it costs more than what I would’ve liked. I’m still mulling over it because it was just that beautiful and utterly flawless. It would be a worthwhile investment as navy blazers are classic.

Last but not least, after seeing these cute pair of heels at Miss Sophie's Les-Antimodernes, I have been thinking about getting them too. Not only are they affordable, but they will be very forgiving for a complete heels n00b like me. At my height, heels are not necessary but knowing how to walk in a pair of heels in my books is still a good skill set to have.

So here you go, a complete update with regards to my stance on shopping and what I’m currently looking for. I can’t wait to start writing full length pieces again for C+C once I’m settled in Montréal.

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