2011 (A Year in Review)

Courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue
This probably is like the umpteenth end of the year, wrap up post for a lot of you and I apologize for the lack of originality here, but I like how it serves as a nice little bow to tie things up neatly. If I had to use one word to describe this year it would be bittersweet: there were many an incredible highs but also terrible lows. Nonetheless everything has been incredibly meaningful and I have to say the best thing I've done this year was to start this blog. Although it is a terrible time sucker and I sure don't need more excuses to stay online, it allowed me to meet some of the most inspiring creative people that I might not befriend or know about otherwise. I will refrain from listing the individuals here in case I leave someone out (by accident!) but everybody more or less knows who they are. Your tweets, emails and comments are invaluable in never stopping to inspire or push me think. So thank you thank you thank you!

To be perfectly honest though for the blog in general, I definitely know it's fashion oriented however there isn't one specific theme/approach that I've stuck with yet. You can tell by the early months after the birth of this blog that I have no idea of what I should be doing (and oh great new readers will now click to the archives ackk!), yet I think ultimately what I love so much about blogging in general that it is an ongoing project where I can constantly learn, update and improve. I'm not too gifted with words but with every post I'm trying. So speaking of resolutions, continuing to develop my skills as a blogger is way up there on my list and you betcha when I say I'm going to funnel even more time and energy into this little side commitment of mine. Here are some posts that I've written that I have been particularly proud of this year:
I hope people have enjoyed my posts and had as much fun reading them as I did writing them! Just out of curiosity though I wonder if people have a preference for more text heavy posts versus more images, or critiques versus wardrobe planning posts versus outfit posts and etc.? Let me know! And before I sign off for the year (well just for the weekend really) I want to announce some small changes to the site. Firstly I have to phase out Svpply since I don't have time to use it at all. I would chuck Pinterest too but I think it will still be useful in the long run unlike Svpply. In its place I've gotten a Flickr account since I have a new camera now for Christmas (and people are now bound to ask, so where are the pictures? Dad didn't bring it with him and left in HK so no purty photos until I'm there, sorry folks). Next I also got rid of my blog supplement simply because I thought I was spreading myself too thin between the inspiration tumblr that I already have, thinking up/researching blog material and social media-ing, whatever that really is and which I don't think I have gotten the hang of yet. Lastly since Google has decided to phase out Google Friend Connect, I decided to make the transition easier for new followers by setting up a Facebook page in its stead. Even though the changes doesn't really affect sites hosted on Blogger such as mine, I will be deleting the widget altogether soon enough at the end of January.

So I guess that is it for 2011 then. I hope everybody will have a fabulous New Year's Eve and I can't wait to see everybody in 2012. All the best and cheers!

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