A Time to Pause and Think

Thanks F for always being so reliably well-dressed! You are a fashion blogger friend's dream. I'm hoping to conduct a closet visit + style interview of her soon even though it's so hard to get hold of this busy gal. I always appreciate the tasteful subtlety of her style––being loud and flashy simply isn't in her dictionary.

Recently I got carried away playing journalist in writing mostly about my inspirations and places that I've been to/discovered rather than talking about my wardrobe à la Miss Sophie. It's not that I have (or will be) making interesting "big" purchases anytime soon with my ongoing search for basics, however writing it out on the blog helps me to organize my thoughts, recognize where my priorities lie and being methodical in my approach to shopping really reigns in any possible impulse purchases (so far so good). So while I am on this topic (since the blog is about me me me you know *cough*), I have some news to announce: readers who thrive on novelty and trends beware, I will be on a shopping freeze. Of course this much like preaching to the choir since if you honestly cared only about the latest trends you would not be reading this blog. I do think it's important to note this since it's not motivated by lack of imagination or an abandonment of the pursuit of a certain aesthetic, at the risk of sounding superficial and pretentious because calm down people it's just clothes. There are still things that I would love to add to my wardrobe even though I am currently quite content with the items I currently have. Like Fleurette who explained so eloquently in her post, it is incredibly hard to be bored with wearing items you truly truly love. There's satisfaction and thrill in finding new ways to combine different pieces together. Call me weird. These are just some thoughts that goes along with the shopping freeze, but I do have concrete reasons to stop buying (at least for the long haul right now).

The main reason is that I have a huge seminar plus internship in Greece this summer and I will need to scrimp every penny I have to fund not only my plane tickets flying to and from Athens but also the day-to-day costs of living in a country bordering on bankruptcy for the two months of my internship. God knows what will happen to the euro by the time summer rolls around.

The second reason is that I am currently seriously impressed with the intensive culling efforts of Catssaymeow. I can't be the only one here who thinks that owning a lot of things is quite a burden, in that you feel obligated to maintain them, give them a good wear now and then etc. Despite being in a boarding school and then moving to an entirely new state for college, I still managed to accumulate a considerable amount of crap (especially of the why-do-I-still-have-this-I-don't-even-wear-it-anymore kind).

I've babbled a little too long that I intended to, nevertheless I'm so glad I finally got this off my chest. Until tomorrow's second installment of Menswear Monday!

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