Can I Be More in Love

Now that NYFW is over, I thought I could maybe just talk about a few of the shows that I liked, rather than give a full blow by blow of each show like the Man Repeller's coverage of NYFW––who did a fantastic job by the way of covering all the major points of the shows succinctly (and I bet she saw them in person too, natch). However I soon stumbled upon Jil Sander Navy and I don't think anything can look better (Sorry Carven, I still love you though). It was going to be part of the highlights of NYFW post but I soon saved every photo I found and now it has to be on a post of its own.
I don't know how it managed to catch me off guard when I distinctly remember seeing the Pre-Fall collection (above) on Tumblr but hey nothing is better than the sensation of being pleasantly surprise. I love the kooky preppy vibe of the Pre-Fall but I lurved the cool school girl vibe of the Fall 2012 collection (below). Even though the info section of the site is not working, thankfully there is a small info piece on Fashionista about it. It never crossed my mind that Raf Simon was behind this (way too girly girl for him) and it's actually designed by an in-house team. Whatever, I like what I see. I just want someone to make rhinestone encrusted paperclip barrettes already.
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